How to Dress for Your Body Shape?


Understanding our Body Shape is very important in deciding what Dresses are the right fit for us. Mostly each of us may have some preferences in dressing to cover or highlight some areas of our body to look good and smart.

You will find below the most common Body Shapes, features of each body shape and facts to consider while selecting appropriate Dresses.


Oval/Apple Body Shape


Features: You have an undefined waist, narrow shoulders, and narrow hips, large bust, flat buttocks, and shapely legs.

Wear:    Dresses to create a defined/belted waist, to add fullness to your lower body, with broader necks, wrap style dresses and jackets, tops with narrow bodices, high waist skirts that flare at the hip, etc.


Lean column/banana Body Shape


Features: You have narrow shoulders and hips, mostly similar in size, small bust and undefined waist, flat bottom and shapely legs.

Wear:    Wear Dresses according to your size defining your waist, tops, and jackets also emphasizing your waist. If you prefer to show the curves, you can select appropriate Dresses or Tops with Bottoms/Skirts and a wide belt.


Triangle/Pear Body Shape


Features: You have narrow shoulders and broad hips, nicely defined waist and small bust, slim arms and shapely legs.

Wear:    In Dressing, enhance your upper body and define your waist, tops with a broad neck, off the shoulder or wide V neck, with puff or princess sleeves.  


Hour Glass Body Shape


Features: You have a defined waist, well-balanced hips, and shoulders, defined bust approximately similar to the hips in size, round bottom, shapely legs; you have a well balanced front profile and side profile.

Wear:     In Dressing, always ensure the upper and lower body is well balanced; define your waist with belts, select body-con Dresses to show your natural figure, wrap style dresses and tops also to define waist nicely, jackets with a defined waist and flare at the hip, pencil skirts, high-waist pants.

How to Dress for Your Body Shape.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape


Features: You have broad shoulders, plentiful bust, and slim hips. Your upper body is proportionately larger than the lower body. You have an undefined waist and shapely legs.

Wear:    Avoid horizontal patterns at shoulders, define the waistline and add fullness to skirts and Dresses at the waistline. Wear sleeveless, wear heels to give a push to raise the flat But and derive “S” shape.